Orc Painting With Stencils Part

Pretty sure the low resolution of the stencil comes from the face count on the belt itself. I decimated the belt to 240 faces. The whole low poly model is 17,726 tris. I searched the interwebs for a similar issue. But, then wouldn’t other 3D assets look blotchy like street signs and such? I did this part about 8 times. Resetting normals. Applied scale. Still ends this way. I don’t mind. It looks leather-ish. :smiley:

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Check the UV-map of the belt and how many pixels it uses.
The more pixels the better the paint resolution.


Oh. That’s a good idea. I did the 2048x2048 for orc.colors like in the lesson. It was just a bit odd when I got to this point that the belt had pixelation at 117 faces but the loin cloth didn’t at 250 or so faces a piece. I guess I learned how to not do this part. :smiley:

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