Orc in flesh

Ok, so since I already did texture painting with Blender through another course on the platform, and keeping up with trying to practice a bit beyond the course directives, I had a go at Substance Painter…
I wanted to tackle with realistic human skin painting + the layer approach, so this is what i got:

I still find Blender procedural appoach easier for procedural stuff (e.g. the eyes). And I also played with Blender’s newest hair system and assets.

And here is my orc, with his clothes and armor:

It’s been quite some work but it’s been fun. I found out there is an add-on to Blender (Layer Painter) to get the same kind of layered workflow within Blender so I’ll give it a try.

Next step now is rigging!


Very nice, and you’re right, that closeup of his eye shows just how nice it works.

I’ve never tried Substance Painter, but seeing how nice your Orc looks, I just might have to try it out. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Miss_B for the feedback !

I enjoyed working with Substance Painter: the layer-based workflow is really interesting.
For example, when trying to create a pseudo-realistic material, you have to think of the structure and history of the real-life material/object and translate each step of that structure/history into a layer…

However, it is a complementary approach to procedural texture. This orc’s eyes themselves for instance are actually 80% full Blender (I know Substance Designer is the procedural-based twin of Substance Painter but I already knew how to do it with Blender so… :relaxed:)


I know it’s been awhile but I’m new to the blender - substance workflow. How did you get the orc from blender to substance? I am exporting as fbx and opening in substance and hooking up the normal map but what about the cavity map?

Substance has its own map baking system (and I personnaly find it much easier than baking with vanilla Blender) so you may not need to use maps baked with Blender.

Hence, you just need to export your low-poly as fbx, then upon opening it in substance, run ‘Bake Mesh Maps’ in the texture set settings.

To get proper maps, I exported the fbx of my high-poly to use it in substance for the baking.
I also exported a cage (a copy of my low-poly inflated so that it just fully includes my high-poly)

Hope it helps…

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amazing work! definitely makes me want to up my skills


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