Orc Girl- Final Result + Walk Cycle

My final result. I didn’t export it to Unity, however. I prefered to focus on rigging and making walk cycle on my own.

I decided to make a female orc instead. Besides, I spent some time going deeper into rigging before animating the walk cycle (I even read the corresponding section of Blender manual to find out more about it, ha ha ha). I also spent about two or three weeks learning the basics of anatomy during my free time.


Time well spent it is looking good.


Try to animate the hips (shoulders) too.
You have the basic walk cycle covered.
Try to make it more lady like.

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Thank you very much!

Thanks for the advice. I found rigging very challenging. I will consider your comments for next model, however. Thanks again.

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It is! Especially the NLA editor, to wierd for my taste.

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Well done! This is fantastic. It’s clear to see the amount of work you put into this and it’s a real pleasure to see the end result. Rigging is a whole new skillset and it appears you’ve really got to grasps with how it works in blender. And then you animated it as well. Again this is a whole other skill all together! Is this your first animation? If so, it’s incredibly high quality for a first walk cycle.

Great job and congratulations!


That is a great orc girl and walk cycle :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment as I struggled very much doing it. It is my first character animation, I had done some very simple camera animations before following Grant Abbitt’s youtube tutorials. I found a very good walk cycle reference on youtube and started studyng “Humane Rigging” tutorial mentioned in Blender’s manual.

I can notice there are some areas to polish, but it was so challenging that I already needed a break. And honestly I also took my time to face every unplanned challenge that appeared (and as a begginner there are always so many).

Really, thanks again!

Thank you very much! Nice comments are always a great motivation, thanks for taking the time of writing.


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