Orc Completed

Animation video : Animation states

Thank you kindly, I really enjoyed this course.

I realised by the end of the project during the animation stage how important it is to T-pose the character properly (arms extended far enough from the body), it really made it difficult to manage deformation under the arm pitts so late in the design of the character, I truly want to go through this project again so I can avoid a lot of the technical issues I faced in the final character stage.

My retopo also was not as perfect as I was hoping for, not enough geometry around the ears and the spkes etc.

At the end of the project I still had way to much geometry. I can see why this is such a skillful profession and takes a ton of experiance.

Overall I really enjoyed creating this character, Thank you again for the amazing course.
Open to any suggestions or comments.

Kind Regards


I love the final product. I see you talking about wanting to make the orc again, because of technical issues. I’m currently modelling my own project and really want to avoid mistakes. So: Did you do the shading and texture details first or the animation?

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Hi Euphoria, the shading and texturing is such a fun process, hope you learn alot from this.

No dont stress about that, as long as you T-pose your base model properly you should have no problem.
If you look at @Grant_Abbitt character the T-pose arms are further out to the sides, which makes weight painting so much easier during the modeling phase.

Here is an example of where I struggled because I T-posed my areas too far down.

Because I T posed the character like that, it was extremely difficult getting under the arms to create a weight paint like this,

If I had started with a character closer to that position, it would have been a much smoother transition, I would also have avoided my arm spikes becoming a little janky during some of the animations.

Texturing will not be affected if you have good geometry and good weight paint later when animating.

Hope that helps, Tag me when you are finished would love to see your project once completed.


Amazing project, with high details in sculpting and texture. Great Job.
Time to add tiny details, like more glossy (wet) parts where the bones stuck out of the flesh …

This will more exposed if you play with the lights.

As a second project add a battle ax or sword …

Have fun!

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Thank you kindly FedPete for the compliment, I will definitely consider and work in the advice :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explaination! That makes a lot of sense. Currently my character isn’t t-posable (animal). So it’s good to know that it is possible to get the animation atleast somewhat correct, if there are clear lines or space between the limbs and the rest of the body.


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