Orc character final

Still have problem on:

  1. Belt can not shrinkwrap skin well, some frame skin will come out of the belt.
  2. Faces stretching will playing sharply motion.
  3. I did really bad on the cloth in front of the hip animation… I really wonder how to combine rig binding with physical simulation

Anyway, course finished, did enjoy it :smiley:


Very smooth animation, I love it! Cool facial expression as well! Nicely done!

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How much hours went into this piece? I’m curious…

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About 80 hours maybe, 10 days, from my files’ date, everyday 8 hours. Including the time of listening courses.

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Love the dedication!

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Thank you @Refone for the reply.
You invested a good amount of effort. Hope it pays out and you accomplish your goals further beyond finishing the course.

I’m pursuing the Complete Blender Creator 3 course and enjoying it :slight_smile:

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