Orc body retypology

Hi guys, do you recommend any good tutorials covering retypology topic? I had quite a nightmare with this one. Took me so much time I gave up counting (0_0’)



Try to learn the process first. Instead of going into the design issue details.
It’s not a mathematical precise process. You understand what you are doing the best when creating more sculpts.

  • There is no rule saying “You must have all quads”
  • Or “poles” are forbidden
  • Or being afraid of losing the detail of your original sculpt.

Experience in this will count!


Well it looks great. I’m still going through the courses so I don’t know of any yet. You should be proud, and remember retopology is both a full job and area of study. So, it’s not an easy thing. That is why there are so many tools to try and automate the process.


Probably a good starting point is The Anime GD course Grant does. Because he models the character by proper box modelling and topology creation.

What you have done is good. I would just look to even out some of the sizes and shapes where possible.


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