Option to Disable Infinite Scrolling?

Quick question: is it possible (or could it be possible) to disable infinite scrolling on these forums, in favour of a more traditional paged view? An option would be nice.

I like my Ctrl+F feature, right-scrollbar, bookmarks, URIs and the Back Button. Also this: https://xkcd.com/1309/

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This new trend in infinite scrolling websites is mighty annoying. I’m guessing it’s baked into this cms though.

Well bake it right out again, I say.

The irony is that it is even worse on mobile, where the browser’s state is tentative and ephemeral and pages get refreshed as a surprise, all the time. I’d have thought that the rise of the mobile would kill this trend.

EDIT: Apart from infinite scrolling, I do rather like this forum software. It has some nice features.


This would be too much of a change, however I have three suggestions…

  • You can scroll very fast with the blue bar on the right
  • There are various keyboard shortcuts, try Shift + ?
  • Learn to love it :slight_smile:
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