[Op-Ed] Social Media and Jobs

Hi Folks,

I am new here, and so far am really enjoying it. I am 46, from the Chicagoland area, and have been in the computer racket since I was in 5th grade (circa. 1985 :rofl:). I have extensive knowledge in, at least, 11 languages and continue to further said knowledge. I have used Photoshop and 3ds Max for the last 19 years, but lost my “free ride” on the licenses at the start of this year (how? tag me, and ask in a new thread, please).

So, I am learning Affinity Photo (Adobe Photoshop), Affinity Designer (Adobe Illustrator), and Blender (Autodesk 3ds Max), as I have full licenses. I am taking these course now, because one can never learn enough, and also to check out the diverse workflow of many great creators! Also, because I have never used these products before.

I would also like to get out of Web Design, and get more into Game Development. This is why I post now. I assume 90% of you are young (~20-ish), and are looking at a lifetime career of Game Development.

So if I may, let me offer you this piece of advice:

You are striving to be the best at design; graphic, game and modeling. However, sometimes when some of you post, you don’t show any signs of your attention to detail. Typos, misspelling and grammatical errors are rampant in the posts. Why does this matter?

I have been the “guy” on the hiring end. When I see someone applying for a job that needs strict attention to detail, I look at everything about them. Especially their social media posts. How does this affect you?

When I see posts that are phonetically composed and riddled with errors of all sorts, I think:
“How can I trust that this person will deliver the product I need, when they can’t even deliver a proper post?”

As designers, these details are more relevant than the products we produce. Your commitment to design is passed on by the way you post; or the lack of the way you post. I feel that, if you can’t take a second to spell, capitalize or punctuate properly, then I ask - what are you missing in your models, graphics or code?

I also check for edits to the post. Edits are great, and we do them ALL the time in the illustrations, code and 3d models we produce. This tells me, that once you submit a post, you actively adjust it, as nothing is perfect the first time, to reflect your true thought. These small “life” details, are the ones that land you the job!

The sad reality is, this all comes about, in the business world, and only the top peers are chosen.

My advice: Pay attention to detail ALL the time, let your posts present you as “Detail Oriented”. People notice; consciously and subconsciencly!

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