Oooo Unity VR Here I come

Got my Galaxy S6 delivered yesterday, ordered my GearVR ready for pickup on Saturday.

Looking forward to it, and testing it out over the weekend, and trying to get it set up for Unity VR shenanigans over the rest of the weekend :slight_smile:


Congrats! :slight_smile: I love my S6… I highly recommend both insuring it and getting a case for it - they are surprisingly slippery little suckers :slight_smile:

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Yeah. First thing I got was a portfolio case :wink:
Love it fantastic phone.
LOL yeah it’s soon slippery, strange that, Trying to reach the left whilst holding right handed is tough.

Got my VR today. On the s6 range seemingly there’s some problems with overheating on the consumer edition. I’ve managed to get mine from 10 mins running up to half hour so far. But, if I find owt that helps I’ll post here and to @sampattuzzi

I’m going to see if I can buy spare plastic covers and try molding some active cooling, seen as I work with batteries and electricity for the last few years, and my previous trade was mech design :wink:

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I have the same problem, even with my great big ape hands… it’s always when I’m trying to press a key on the left of the keyboard that I nearly drop it… grrr… hehe… :slight_smile:

Do keep us in the loop. Can’t wait to see what you create with the device.

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