Online Visual Studio course for Windows app


im in the unity2D course and just finished the first group of lessons using VS, and i want to learn more. my focus would be making an app for work. can anyone recommend a good udemy course for this? thx.


Can you maybe define a few more requirements, ie data access, api/rest ect… there are plenty of courses but it just depends on what you want to accomplish. Many are language details in CLI. But less show GUI apps. Microsoft has some good tutorials.

I find that once you understand the language, you will just find yourself doing a lot of googling to figure things out and bring it all together.


well im having all kinds of issues just formatting my form with objects. if i make a mistake and hit undo i get unexpected results. soni think i need some basic VS tuts of adding and working with objects. my main goal is im trying to make a table that has comboboxes. i need to take the choices of those comboboxes and make some calculations, like averages and sums, etc. finally, i’d like to export that data to either a simple xml file or a xlsx spreadsheet. thx.


Just to chime in, it may be better to search for courses based on the language you plan to use, or the style rather than “Visual Studio”. The interactions you have within the IDE may vary depending on the project type. So, perhaps you need to refine your search to, “C# Windows Forms” , or “ASP. Net” for example.


So you want to probably take a look at windows presentation foundation, or Xamarin. Rob makes a good point, it is more about the language implementation and then the tool. But take a look at this course, I have other courses from the instructor he does a pretty good job and fairly straightforward and easy to understand. I haven’t had a chance to check this Course out yet, but plan to. Forms used to be pretty straightforward with him like it’s gotten complex over the years.


just wanted to say thx Rob! i searched this and found a course that i started and like a lot, Learn C# with Windows Forms and SQL Server. i think it compliments the stuff i am learning in the unity 2d course, but focuses on windows forms/applications. thx man. —coding is fun:)


You’re very welcome, am glad that you were able to find a suitable course and that you are enjoying it :slight_smile: