One, two, one, two (bones)


I’ve followed the video instructions + set the bone armature shape to sticks for a better visibility.

Here is the result:

Two arms

I snapped the tail of the “Stem” bone to the middle of the arm axis thanks to Shift+S.
I have also constrained the movement of “Arm A” bone to rotate only along the X axis, but I guess Lecture 114: “Constraining Bones movement” will talk about that, so I will see if I have done right :smiley:

Cheers !


I ran into the same thought process, Hiju. I had wondered what constraining the movement of a bone to an axis actually meant, not knowing that we were going to use Add Bone Constraint in a future lecture. Now I realize that the former had simply to do with the process of extruding a bone.

Nice job on adding the tension screws.

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