One leg jumping

I’ve encountered an odd behavior that I’m convinced is due to something I did wrong (classic, right?). I created a mesh and named its components UPPERLeg, LowerLeg, Foot. Then, I fashioned an armature and aligned it, taking cues from Grant’s approach.

However, when I switch to edit mode,

the mesh moves in the Z-axis. Returning to object mode brings the mesh back to its original position. I’ve tried resetting all transforms, scale, and rotations, and I’ve confirmed that the origin for all items in the scene is set to the same point using the 3D cursor. Yet, entering edit mode messes up the alignment.
After I parent the bones And go into edit mode it the mesh jumps up in the z as before but in pose mode it is like object mode and looks ok

Any insights into what might be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated!"

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Did you use IK?
and the length of the bones is minus one?

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Yeah that lesson doesn’t get into the IK stuff yet I think it is the next one and I am not sure what you mean by minus one???

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