One Hot Baked Ogre Coming Up

Well, that was a tough few days - I realised that a ‘join’ that I had made way back had created a huge amount of extra faces (I decided to make my boots part of the Orc, but it left his feet inside) and they caused absolute bedlam when it came to baking. I ended up chopping the feet off my high-poly, filling the ends and completely redoing the low-poly model. However, second time round it was significantly better even starting from the same high-poly. I quickly knocked up a pair of comfy Orc slippers, but kept them as 2 separate objects.

The baking process absolutely drove me mad until I had got the object selection down (once I actually listened to the instructions :joy: ) then it’s been great.

Really, really enjoying this - tough, but not insurmountable and great direction from Grant. Screenshot of low-poly baked and high-poly sculpted as below :slight_smile:

Cannot wait to start painting!


Haha nice title pun. Can’t wait to see the painted version.

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We all have been there… working too fast, wrong selection, missing option to switch.
But you’ve managed it! And that is a big hurray!!
This model process takes some time and practice to master.
Don’t give up, ask questions. And show your work regulary.


Very well done. Sorting out you problems.
Baking is hard but not hard it is just unforgiving of things being wrong in the sequence and set up.
Did you auto retopologise or manual?


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! I actually auto retopologised, but I remeshed the high-poly about 5 times before I got one that looked a reasonable starting point (weirdly, the lowest poly version).

What I found was that there were some obvious areas that I needed to add more faces: neck, ears, wrists, shoulders and especially palms (my model has kind of curled fingers rather than a clenched fist), but not nearly as much as I did first time. I then used the stretch maps on the UV Editing to highlight obvious areas where there was still insufficient geometry. By that stage I was also much better with my selecting and my snapping so vertices weren’t snapping to back faces and shrinkwrap was working well.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of practice made it much easier! :smiley:

It took me a little while to work out the differences in 2.9 and the course for how to set up baking, but once I’d set the extrusion to 0.02 along with the ray distance it was all good (I’d had a quick look online and headed off down the cage route before I checked the Blender manual).

Yup, starting painting today! Let’s see how that goes :slight_smile: I will post as we go of course!


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