On Completed never fires

Unsure what’s up, but the ‘On Completed’ pin never fires?

I noticed that if I use ‘On Blend Out’ then it triggers the activation. However, ‘Is Attacking’ remains false because the animation montage is still playing (that is, it has finished the animation but never completes… so the spider never attacks again).

Wondered if it were the blend parameters so I set those to 0. Same result.

Hmm, since it is working with the “On Blend Out” event and not “On Completed”, looks like you are correct in saying that the animation montage is not finished which corresponds to the Play Montage documentation here:

Is there a way you can include your animation montage somehow so we all can see if there is anything wrong with that? I don’t see that anything else could cause this issue based on the blueprint screenshot you have provided.

Yeah, it’s pretty weird - the animation is also getting interrupted too, so I figure it’s getting triggered again by the code. Either the is playing function doesn’t work or there’s something else funky that I can’t figure out.

Here’s the montage window:

I can work around it using a state variable, so it’s not a huge deal. Would be nice to know what’s wrong with it though for future reference so really appreciate your time if you can spot anything awry.

The project (without damage event) is zipped up here.

Glad you were able to find a workaround!

Unfortunately at this point, this is way over my head haha. I figured I would take a stab at it even though I don’t fully understand Unreal as a whole right now as I am just starting out.

I also thought that it would help to see some activity on here so if someone else was interested, they could take a stab at it so you could get your question answered :slight_smile:

Either way, I wish you well on whatever you are working on!

Oh man, while my workaround was fine - setting a ‘boolean’ flag true/false, I figured it out. My ‘Is Within Attack Range’ function was getting the player controller rather than the player character (the former never changes position). D’oh!

Here’s the corrected function:

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Thank you for your solution @spaceyjase! I had the same problem with using Get Player Controller instead of Get Player Character, and it was driving me nuts. Your fix was exactly what was needed!

Thanks again!

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