Old projects in UE4 V4.20.2



I feel this lecture is obsolete in version 4.20.2. No changes to target.cs files were necessary, it all went well automatically. Just tought i would let you know.


I made the changes one file at a time and still am not able to run it. It says it needs to rebuild Building Escape Modules and upon confirmation it tries but fails.
It says try rebuilding from source and that’s where I’m lost.
Opening the solution complains about some modules missing and the solution itself is empty kind of like it’s not finding the path.

It looks for …/Intermediate/ProjectFiles/… but in Intermediate I have no folder ProjectFiles. (obviously, because it’s in the .gitignore.

So the question is, would I need to change the path to my version rather than the clone?


Found the solution.
I just had to remove the Visual Studio Solution and rebuild it.

All good