Old and new projects

In my last course I learned how to develop a robot (number 3) and then I recreated a robot (from Mechwarrior 4, number 4). Before I joined this community and had absolutely no idea about Blender, I still have a dreadnought The Space Marines / Warhammer built (number 1) and a few years later the Kastelan (number 2) from the same series. I’m relatively happy with everything so far, but I’m about to continue the course here rather than continuing my own products. I’m on vacation again now and can put all my energy back into it and hope that I don’t need another year for this package. :sweat_smile:
The first image is rendered with cycles, the second with evvee. Why my black suddenly turned to pink is a mystery to me, but I also don’t know what kind of texture I gave it back then. Also, I’m having trouble making smoke and fire flow in two different directions, but I’m going to start doing visual effects after this course.
Until then, I wish everyone here a lot of fun :nerd_face:


A mighty army of machines!
Enjoy they next part of the course.

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  • your face normals
  • correct linking to external bitmaps (textures).

Purple in Blender mostly means, it can not find textures or so.


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