OKay why is this happening? [RESOLVED]

I’m getting this weird geometry.
THis is the one with HP Ball in render

And this is without the HP Ball in render

Im not too sure what’s going on. THereas a bunch of options on under my Bake button that I don’t see on Mike’s screen. Anything to do with that. It’ll be great if someone responds.

those buttons are not necessary they are new features jst turn the combined into a normal and hit bake

I did do that. However, it’s still not happening. After all the progress I’ve made so far, I’m losing track of my understanding. Also could anyone help me understand how Mike got the wall with window to that level of detail? Did he go ahead and carve out edges for each brick? How did that surface get so bumpy??

ok wait i am sending you a link click on the link

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ok now about the window no he did not carve out each brick

Finallly! After some bazilllion tries it worked! I was not using Smart UV unwrap.



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I’m seeing Michael’s final tower in the 2nd last lecture, he has these bricks that seem to be protruding out a bit. Giving that final LOD. I’m jst wondering how one would go about it? Is he doing something with bump maps? Or is it to do with Multires modifier?

Please let me know.


i think he is using multi modifiers

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