Oh boy

Best render time for me was using CPU and tiles of 16*16 : 6minutes and 26 seconds
CPU : Intel Core i7-4702HQ 2.20GHz
GPU : GeForce GT 750M
Looks like this course is going to take a while !

I have a very similar system to you: Intel i7 2.3GHz, nVidia 750M (2GB Ram), on the latest version of Mac OS High Sierra. I didn’t bother installing CUDA as the computer is so old there hardly seems any point. All my times are CPU-only.
tile size time (min)
16 3:55.07
32 3:54.96
64 3:56.20
128 4:09.29
256 4:37.96

There’s some variance (on the order of ~15 secs) on repeated trials at the same tile size, but below 64 seems to see diminishing returns.

I wonder why the difference between us? Could it be OS, or just that tiny difference in processor speed?

It might be, I am running Blender on my old PC from work, operating on Windows 10. The old beast has seen a few reformating in its days so I just assume it’s a bit tired.
I guess I should invest in a computer with decent processing power if I want to keep this up. I have discovered that playing with particle systems gets even worse !

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