Ogre so far, cloth physics questions

I havn’t sculpted the loin cloths, because I want to try and animate it, I’m wondering if I should sculpt it a bit, and when should I add the physics, and collision physics to the orc and loin cloth?


Good looking Orc/Ogre.

The course will not go into cloth simulation. It is very game oriented and I don’t think games use it.

On the whole, I suggest finalising the poly level Ogre you want as your final character and then on that try cloth simulation loin cloth.


The loincloth can be related to the armature (bone legs). Some sort of physics.
But the loincloth in the example, has to low poly count, to be effectively animated by the cloth simulator.
Which is, I thing so, a very difficult task in the setting of this course.

The main goal is, sculpting and basic rigging, and (walk) animation.

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