Ogre Retopology - 8M to 8K faces

Hello there!

This one gave me a headache. The vertex remesh approach in sculpt mode shown by Grant resulted in a lot of artefacts, to the point the mesh became useless.

Instead, I applied the multires modifier at level 1 (after applying to base mesh), then used decimate modifier, followed by the shrink-wrap.

The face count dropped from 8,555,383 down to 8,148 faces

Will clean up a few vertices, like the horns.

Looking forward to seeing if the shoulder scales will work in UV unwrapping - or if I’ll die trying. :smiley:


ps: MultiRes worked, since I used this modifier to sculpt the dude. Might become my go-to approach.


Nice progress and problem solving!

Thx. Actually, I like the structure/topology the low poly has. Looks like a statue.

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