Ogre Final

I am quite happy with it, it looks great in my eyes (except the hands …).
That was a great course, thanks Grant and Rick.

But when importing into Unity, it did not go as well as planned.
The character look much darker, because the lightning is different.

I have to put some light directly above him to obtain a better result. Or pump up the intensity of the default Directional Light.

Still the color is not as clear even with more light. This is apperently a common issue, I will try to investigate and maybe update later when a find a solution.
The start lead is that unity use smoothness which is the reverse of roughness, and we need to reverse-bake it in blender.


Okay , after some investigation I realise how much different the colors are between the material preview and the rendered preview.
So to have a “correct” (still different but more accurate) view of what would be the model in a game engine, you need to check the rendered preview or in the material preview check the two options “Scene lights” and “Scene world”.


Interesting given Eevee is said to be more game like in rendering. I always default to Cycles anyway, but then I never use game engines.
Yes those boxes are important to use as and when you need, the default set up is handy at the early stages then you later want your own lights and hdri effects.

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