Official Unreal Engine Assets Naming Convention

As other forum members have found, it looks like the previous official Unreal Engine naming conventions page on the wiki has been taken down. The link in the lectures “” now redirects to “”. Fortunately, all of the information is preserved, but my question is if this is still an official recommendation by the Unreal Engine team, or if these naming conventions are no longer endorsed by Epic? I was searching for a new official Unreal Engine naming convention, and all I could find was a page on coding standard here. Another forum member points to a community maintained legacy page on the topic here. Does anyone have more information on this? I think it could be useful to get comfortable with a universal convention in the engine that everyone uses, particularly for future collaborations and code readability. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure there was never an official one. There was one on the Wiki and the Wiki got removed by Epic (see here). Then that was extended by a user to be more complete which is at

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Thanks for the info! My browser was having issues with the style link, but it looks like it is for the Github page The info on the removal of the Wiki was interesting too; it looks like Epic is attempting to preserve the old wiki’s contents more and more over time. Until there’s an official one, I’ll plan on using the one in the Github link.

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