Official Qualifications in programming

Hello guys,

I’m hoping to get insight as I’m a bit torn. My journey with I tried getting into the C++/Unreal courses as well as Blender (I have a creative mind and want to design my characters/visions, doing this as a hobby currently).

Ultimately I want to get into programming more as my career path (to be an application programmer/games programmer). I got interested back when I was 10 or so years old seeing my sister work on HTML/CSS, in terms of web scripting. When I entered college I scraped C++ and Visual but didn’t learn much about OOP concepts and such. Only the bare minimum of procedural programming of simple programs.

If you look at my profile with opening topics via the community, I took a huge break when I started here to pursue other ventures as many people advised an official qualification is better then knowledge with no certification. I did several courses tied to another organisation for a fee to be an application developer and did courses such as: CIW’s Advanced HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, MTA: Software Development Fundamentals (now a defunct Microsoft course) and finally Python Institute’s PCEP.

My biggest problem now however I was supposed to finish two Java exams, 1Z0-808 (OCA/Associate) and 1Z0-809 (OCP/Professional). I used both vouchers to attempt the associate exam and failed both times. I am preparing a third time and hopefully for the Professional exam after. Being even more diligent with preparation.

However I’m wondering if I should anymore? I understand if I have these qualifications it shows I have an understanding of programming concepts and the Java Certification is reputable, but more closely to Java’s functionality and behaviour even if it takes from C/C++. The other reason why I’m hesitating is I was made redundant back in October 2023 (job unassociated with programming/development), so money is tight but I’m sure it’s also the case for everyone currently. The voucher for a Java certification at least for the ones mentioned cost £200 for one attempt (£400 for both exams if I pass).

What I’m hoping to get from people, is it worth me attempting them again? Have others tried to get them or other qualifications alongside working on courses to enter a speciality (in terms of Unity/C#, Godot/GDScript or Unreal/C++) they want to develop in?

I apologise for the longwinded post, but thank you for taking the time to read it, and I appreciate any support on this matter as I am very lost on if I should continue with Java 8 or just work on C++/Unreal again, get to a stage where I join Gamejams, Gamedev community events or work on my own projects, leading to creating a portfolio of work.

tl;dr: I’m seeing if it’s ideal to reattempt Java SE 8 1Z0-808/1Z0-809 exams and is necessary if games is more my passion to enter my career path as a programmer (I went more generalized). How should I cater to achieve my goal in another way?

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