Office Escape - My version of building escape

Hey Everyone!

Here is my attempt at the Building Escape game! I didn’t change a lot from the tutorial code, but I did reuse the Door_Monitor class events to drive a Dynamic material. The Dynamic material changes colors to let the player know when a puzzle is completed. I reused some assets for the environment that I made last year while doing another tutorial.

Here is a Google Drive link to my game, its only 400mb if you want to check it out!

If you get stuck, here are the solutions to the three puzzles

1 :
2 :
3 :

Here is a link to the environment tutorial if you are interested!




Thanks for sharing! That was actually pretty fun

Thanks for taking the time to download! Glad you liked it!

I haven’t finished the project yet, but your game is great! I love the scene, it was immediately impressive. There were only two things that bugged me a bit. One, the objects you can pick up tend to spin in circles violently and gain insane momentum which I discovered by accidentally launching the first puzzle’s cube through the wall into the closed off office. Oops :sweat_smile:

The second was that I accidentally fell out of the map and crashed the game where you start out when I was experimenting with the controls. Using jump or E (i think) to accelerate upwards, you’re able to escape through the ceiling and fall into the void. All of the ceilings actually seem to be without collision.

Despite the bugs, I enjoyed trying out your game and exploring the level. Good work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments ChaoticTrack! I’m glad you liked it!

You’re totally right about the ceiling collision, I didn’t think I would need it but you proved I do haha.

My dynamic objects could probably also use some Angular Damping, I think that might solve the spinning you encountered!

Thanks so much for checking out my rendition of the building escape game, and for the bug testing!

Very nice :slight_smile:

Nice thanks for sharing.

Excellent work on the level! Now I’m off to check out the tutorial you made!


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Nice job! Your world feels SO BIG!

Enjoyable Little romp!

Spencer, larry, geeks, david, brownie, thanks for trying my version!

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