Of Scenes and Mods

So my spark of motivation for deciding to learn how to use blender was actually so that I could make models for my game mods, and then maybe after a good amount of practical experience my own game one day. Right now however I’ve been working with mods for a game called ARK which uses a modified version of UE4.

Rather than go with a scene objective I am going to use this section to actually create a mod, mostly a cosmetic mod. The game itself has base building mechanics, and it works in components; walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, furniture, etc. So the flow of this section is perfect for what would go into this particular type of mod. As I progress through this section I’ll make my tweaks where I need to and show my progress as it interacts with the ARK Dev Kit.

To start, here is what I will start out with in the mod as well as a few things planned for a first Content Update (or CU).
This list will probably change over time as I realize something else is needed to match a component that already exists in the game.

For those lectures which involve blender specific functionality, I’ll probably do them in blender as well using the same assets with mockups of the pieces put together. I don’t want to skimp on the lessons.

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