Odd relic in a dungeon.?

Tried to sculpt some odd relic with a red eye (second time sculpting LOL pretty fun tho)

Did a little bit with the barrels I spent most of my time trying to create the relic thing while getting my little dungeon set up, Overall a fun course I cant wait to get to the sculpting course for game design!


I like it! It’s always intriguing to find something luminous in the dark like that!

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I think this is part of the fun of the dungeon module - it’s just so inspiring making you want to try some things out and push your limits.
Great job! The glowy treasure is usually the best kind :blush:


I’m glad you like it! :grin:

Appreciate the feedback I think down the line im going to really deep dive into sculpting!

Nice dungeon and relic! What could it be :slightly_smiling_face: :phone: :mag_right:

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