Odd error : character movement bugged UE 4.27

I have followed the Mars marine course step by step for movement and animations in a new project. The animations work, the blendspace is fine and the character moves, but focus isn’t locked on the back of the character. By this I mean when I move forward with W, I can turn the camera with the mouse but the character does not turn. Worse, when I rotate the camera, the character continues in the same direction as before, only backwards. I have to hit S to make them go forward at the point.

I have checked every setting I can think of and can’t seem to resolve the issue. Any help to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

I stumbled across this looking for an answer to my own problem so I have no idea what this marine game is, but if you want character movement to follow the camera, use controller desired rotation should be true and orient rotation to movement should be false. If that doesn’t work, try also changing the controller yaw bool setting in (I think) character movement. GL