Oceans Break - My Block Breaker attempt


My attempt at the Broker game. I liked these lectures so much I decided to stick around for sometime and tweak a few things.


  • Added some custom sounds and bricks. Tweaked the particle VFX to match the block texture and Added block multipliers (Gold blocks) that also increase the ball speed. Players complained so much about loosing when the ball got faster I reduced the tuneup speed and added in extra life.

  • Expanded the Menu, with Game Over allowing you to Retry your last level and a Help section(mainly for easy testing) with Jumps to specific levels. Also added in a Pause Menu trigger by the ESC button.


  • I realized the Paddle movement is not smooth. Players complained about it too. Sometimes it responds soo fast and other times it’s super slow. Something I will revisit.
  • The Ball still gets slow(on multiple collisions) for some reason I cannot figure out. Even when we reduced friction and added the velocity multiplier.

Overall am happy about my progress, especially with C# (still suck at it but am much better than I was last year :thinking:). Thank you so much @Rick_Davidson. :pray:

Level 1 Preview

Level 3 Preview

#PS, In case the above link expires, you can try it out on my website here. Also available as a windows standalone for download here.

Feedback highly appreciated.

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I think you should double the size of the paddle

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Thank you for the feedback @Justin_Guay. Something to note on my next iteration, and I was here making the paddle smaller by each loss of life :see_no_evil:.

Wondering though won’t, the game be too easy to win. :thinking:

:notebook:: Will update the Paddle to a larger size in the beginner levels and reduce it as the player progress through.

I really like being able to tilt the paddle with left and right mouse clicks, very cool!

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As it stands the game is not too easy to win. I’d add that it’s too difficult for the first two levels. I beat level one after retrying several times (10+), and then I gave up on level two after several attempts. I also observed that the ball phases over the paddle and caused a loss a couple of times, but I think that has to do with the ball speed and something with unity.
Overall, nice concept, artwork, design, and coding.

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Thank you man. Got inspiration from @PeaceWeaver :arrow_left: :ok_hand:, for his cool Color crusher game, which fascinated me.

Hey @Regena, welcome to the community and thank you for taking the time to play my game (10+, super humbled).

  • About the game’s difficulty, I am super guilty on that note. Was rushing through and given just a few levels, thought making it super easy for a game with just 4 levels would get to be quite boring. Planning on easing it down a bit on next iteration when I revisit it to add more functionality, levels and tuning.
  • The tilt on the paddle helps in fixing the phasing to a degree. I noticed the loss of speed too, but I had to move on :see_no_evil:. Noted that for a later revisit.

Again thanks a lot for the feedback.

As far as the speed goes, the ball would phase through the paddle at high speeds. Basically when the ball hits a bunch of blocks rapidly it picks up speed and then goes right past the paddle, lol. My game does that too, so I think it’s something to do maybe with the gravity or lack of friction or something.

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