Obstacle Course

My map was a little bigger than the one shown in the video, but I was able to utilize the space I had provided myself.
I made a “quick” pathway if the player squeezes through at the beginning before the falling cubes block that path off for the duration of the scene. With multiple pathways each with it’s own designed challenge to overcome. I also made the finishing platform Print how many obstacles the player hit to get there.

Issues with the current design being: player collides into other objects loosely, a bug where the player floats or moves without input after colliding with certain moveable objects, possibly need to revisit player acceleration to make the inputs more drastic or increase mass, and when the player has reached the finish goal the collision count continues. For now the project rests till I gain sufficient additional knowledge.

In the future I am looking to comeback and make a UI that displays this number, a leader board, and multiple scenes to try the player’s hand at. I will post an update to this thread when I achieve this knowledge. Perhaps also adding modifier pickups on the scenes to give the player different attributes such as shrinking the player, or allowing passing through certain objects.

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