Obstacle Assault - Correcting the Collision

Hi, is there a better way to correct the collision with the moving block? Neither the unadjusted (ie, flicking screen) or the proposed fix (character animation broken) feel particularly satisfactory. Thanks T

Update: the animation is solved in the next video, as I was experiencing the same bug as you. I’d still be interested in “less hacky” approaches to this, eg is it an inherent limitation of the character movement class or something else?

Hi, I also have a second related question. In cases where the block pushes the character into another (eg, non-moving) cube, the character is pushed into the cube. I corrected this by adding a collision box, but I’m interested in the typical overall strategy for managing these types of “conflicting” collisions - do you have any suggested links for further reading on this? Thanks T

  1. You can perform a sweep and then if a collision is detected push the actor The move-left-then-right workaround
  2. I’m not quite sure what you’re saying, could you elaborate please?
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Thanks - I’ve been reading around this, and probably my question has evolved a little…

My updated question: Is using SetActorLocation best practice for moving an actor, or is it just a simple approach (and therefore great for learning)? Ie, are there more robust ways of moving actors (eg, by by somehow changing its velocity) that better interact with UE5’s physics engine.

Is that a clearer question?

Well it’s needed as the character doesn’t use physics based movement. It can bump into things and interact physically that way but not the other way round, objects will just bounce off it.

If you wanted physics based interactions you would use AddForce or AddImpule on the primitive component and would need to come up with a solution for interacting with a character if that’s desired. You could make the character movement physics based (super non-trivial) or just use SetActorLoction if what was hit was a character.

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Thanks @DanM - appreciate this is possibly a tricky question, but which of these approaches does Epic use for Fortnite? Are the characters physics based, or use SetActorLocation?

I don’t know but they aren’t using physics based character movement, that’s not usually the norm for characters. Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat are the ones that come to mind.

Just to be clear by physics based I mean, completely with things being able to interact with the character physically as well.

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