Object origin troubles



Hello! I’ve been trying for a while to properly complete the challenge set by this tutorial but I’ve hit a frustrating wall when it comes to rotating the sphere rig. After using pose mode to move the rig, attempting to snap the cursor to the middle of the mesh produces this behaviour:

I’ve tried resetting the object’s origin, but origin to geometry, mass (surface) and mass (volume) all set it to the point pictured.

It’s confusing! I feel like I must be missing something super simple, because I’m trying to do exactly what is shown in the tutorial video and it doesn’t behave in the same way.

Any advice people could reply with would be very appreciated. I’ve looked around for a while but haven’t turned up anything that helped, and I’m not really sure what keywords I should be using when describing this problem anyway.


If anyone with the same problem stumbles across this post, I found a sort of hack-y workaround. You can just move the bone half-way up the sphere’s mesh and rotate the armature on its own axis.