Object Origin issue--problem in the workflow?

When trying to assemble the first dungeon module I ran into this problem while trying to rotate my linked duplicates. When trying to reposition or rotate the origin for a wall, all the others move out of position and the halves separate. I am wondering if there is a simple way to adjust the origins of each duplicate separately or together without completely altering their orientation? Should the halves of the wall be moving apart even with modifiers applied?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

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linked duplicates means that all the copies will use the same object base mesh and origin.

  • You can use an EMPTY object. Make the dungeon object part (a wall) child of the EMPTY (parent). Be sure you position the EMPTY on the right place, before you do the linking. Rotate and position the EMPTY for the desired effect. (It’s is still possible after linking to change the position of the empty in relation to de child, but it takes more options to switch on off - as in more Blender experience)
  • Or change the origin as it should be. And update your dungeon parts accordingly.
  • Or convert the linked duplicate versions to a local version to change the origin of that particular object. You lose then the capability of update of all the copies.
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