Object Constraint issues

So I’ve always wished to model a tank with functioning tracks and the modelling part was actually pretty fun and I’ve learned so much while in the process of making something from a blueprint into a 3d model.

Until of course I have been halted with an issue which has been bothering me for days, the wheels…
The first and last wheel(the sprockets) are working somehow perfectly fine, after creating the central wheels I’ve selected them and the sprocket for last and applied the “Copy Constraints to Selected Objects” so now they should rotate on the X axis as the sprockets, like normal wheels, but no…
These wheels go and they start rotating on the Z axis and I can’t understand why.


It is possible that when you modeled them you rotated the cylinder in object mode so they are rotated on global axis, hence the constrain rotates them on the wrong axis. Try to remove all constraints, select the wheels all then Apply Rotation. If that doesn’t work it would be great if you could share more screenshots of your constraints and sidebar info for both the big wheels and the sprockets.


My friend, I was already expecting a simple solution worthy of a facepalm, but this takes the cake, you just saved me time and nerves and I thank you for finding the issue! :slight_smile:


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