NZXT S340 Elite

hey guys, currently building my own pc in blender, it is an NZXT S340 elite case and so far just a samsung hdd, my issue im having is with the tempered glass, when i render it im missing a little spot in the glass, also the hdd seems to be missing color aswell, any help would be great, also i notice my glass is tinted, even though it is white in color? just the edge is blacked out

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You have this solution :

but i prefer this : (post 2)

can’t wait to see the finished prodcut

thanks for the replies, think i figured it out by making the clear part transparent instead of glass, not sure if it was my modifer of thickening the original plane, just seemed really dark regardless of how bright i got it and then the weird artifacts in the glass

heres abit of an update, started on the motherboard, hard to do with so many small parts

the MOBO is a little flat since i havent done much with it, i’ve only extruded the pci-e slots aswell as the smaller slots, plus the 24 pin power connector and the 3 sata inputs

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