NVIDIA GTX 745 vs. Inteli7-4790 3.6GHz

Even with the updated drivers, the CPU on this computer is far better at render times than the GPU seems to be. My GPU test at 128/128 was 6:20:59. At 512/512 it’s looking like 7.5 minutes.
By contrast, the CPU render at 128/128 was 3:38.57 and at 64/64 it was nearly identical at 3:35:74

Obviously, I now really want to update my hardware. laughs

Check your time if you render the image all at once (1920x1080) with GPU. We have nearly identical machines, but my GPU time was only 1:26 minutes at that resolution. The 128x128 was also approaching 7 minutes with GPU.

Quick hint…

When using GPU, take the dimensions of your render and divide by 2-5.
When using CPU simply stay with 16x16 in average CPU, 32x32 with high-spec CPU.

Why? sometimes the GPU doesn’t show it’s strength until utilized right.

… also, make sure you got the enable at user-setting + activate at Property/Render device setup right.
I managed to fool myself by enabling in user settings and forgetting to activate at Render… :innocent:

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