Number Wizard Greetings From

    Debug.Log("Welcome !, welcome ! My friend come, please step right in, Prepare yourself for today you are truly in for a treat.");
    Debug.Log("Let me introduce you to my master he is the one.. the only.. Number Wizard !");
    Debug.Log("Please traveler have a seat rest your weary legs");
    Debug.Log("While you wait why not play a game with me while we pass the time");
    Debug.Log("What say you traveler ? Are you game ?");
    Debug.Log(" Hahaha good, good that's the spirit. ");
    Debug.Log("Let's begin");
    Debug.Log("Please close your eyes for a moment...  now I want you to envision a number");
    Debug.Log("Your number must not exceed " + max);
    Debug.Log("Nor must'nt be lower than " + min );
    Debug.Log("Do you have your number yet?");
    Debug.Log("Now I want you to clearly picture that number in youe mind");
    Debug.Log("In order for my powers to work please let me know wether your number is higher or lower than 500");
    Debug.Log("Push up = Higher, Push down = Lower, Push enter = Correct");
    Debug.Log("Ah hmmm I see I see... very interesting ");
    Debug.Log("Is this your number ?");
    Debug.Log(" no ? let me have another chance");
    Debug.Log("Still not right !? I'll get it this time for sure ");
    Debug.Log(" no !? still not right ? Are you sure ? hmm are you sure you doing this right ?");

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