Number Wizard Greeting

    Debug.Log("You've just pulled over onto the side of an unlit country road. You've been driving for hours, " +
        "with sundown long behind you. You know it's sometime past midnight, although it's impossible to be " +
        "sure how far past: you never set your car's clock since the day you bought it, and for some " +
        "unknown reason you didn't bother to get a Casio wristwatch with an illuminated dial.");
    Debug.Log("You've pulled over because in-between the UFO talk that's been coming in over the radio " +
        "and your own drowsy state, you've started wondering whether you are making any progress at all. " +
        "All you can say for sure is that it's been a long, dark night on this lonesome road.");
    Debug.Log("You pull the key from the ignition, get out of the car, and stretch. Egads, you've been " +
        "hunched over the steering wheel for hours. You feel your joints pop with the stretch, shoulders " +
        "and spine springing back from car-bound stasis. It's a cool night in the desert, with the " +
        "sound of distant winds blowing through distant scrub. Crickets chirp, even here.");
    Debug.Log("You settle against the side of the car, arms folded, and look out into the darkness. The " +
        "half-moon illuminates sand, cactus, the cresting edge of distant hills. You wonder how much " +
        "further it is to grandma's house and if you'll arrive in time to get enough sleep for her" +
        "big birthday bash tomorrow.");
    Debug.Log("Lost in reverie, you're startled by a voice behind you saying:");
    Debug.Log("Welcome to Number Wizard, my friend.");
    Debug.Log("Pick a number and don't tell me what it is. I, the Number Wizard, shall divine it.");
    Debug.Log("*With the limitation that the number is above: " + min);
    Debug.Log("**With the additional limitation that the number is below: " + max);
    guess = (min + max) / 2;
    Debug.Log("Is your number higher or lower than " + guess + "?");
    Debug.Log("push Up if higher, push Down if lower, push Enter if " + guess + " is your number.");
    max = max + 1;

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