Number Wizard Greeting - You are in a dark cave

Hi Everyone. Here is my Number Wizard Greeting…

void Start()

    Debug.Log("You are in a dark cave. Everwhere is pitch black except for a faint glow in the distance.");
    Debug.Log("You head towards the light...");
    Debug.Log("When you arrive you can see an elderly man in a cloak holding a touch");
    Debug.Log("You try to speak to him but he cuts you off and asks...");
    Debug.Log("Pick a Number...");
    Debug.Log("Any Number Between " + min + " & " + max);
    Debug.Log("Tell me if your number is higher or lower then " + guess);
    Debug.Log("Push Up = Highter, Push Down = Lower, Push Enter = Correct");
    max = max + 1;

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