When applying the shaders to the slash animation and trial rendrer I have started to get an NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
UnityEditor.ShaderGraph.Drawing.MaterialGraphEditWindow.OnDisable ()

I don’t know if it is related but when I try to to change the intensity with the slider it just adds some random value. If I select 0.8 it automatically puts it to 6-7 when I close the color section window.

I have tried to restart unity multiple times but the problem persists. I’m on version 2022.2.5f1

Thanks for a great course!

I’m not finding any specific bugs listed for Shadergraph in that version of Unity.

The first thing to try is to reset the layouts. In the upper left hand corner, there is a dropdown, select “Reset All Layouts” and see if that helps.


Tried it without success. But the error doesn’t seem to break the game so I will continue through the course with it.

Thanks and have a great day

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