NullReferenceException Error in Animator


I have now a huge problem with the animator task. If I go to animator, I have these errors following up, that appears again and again when I am in the animator task. So I can’t change the states on any object, even if I create a new GameObject. The Lizards and the Foxs spawning randomly as it should be and the scripts are working fine, but the animations on the lizards are a bit buggy now and I can’t change it because of the NullReferenceException errors.

Hi Maaseja,

NullReferenceException means that a reference (“link”) to an instance is missing. If you exposed a field in the Inspector, make sure that it’s not empty.

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Thank you for the reply, Nina. This error seems to have been fixed by itself. I have just turned on Unity and the animator seems to work normally now without error messages. Very strange. I spent almost an hour with the bug yesterday :smiley:

Restarting often fixes issues. :slight_smile:

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