Now we have two places to create equitable item?


I again must have missed something.
Somehow I have two places to create equitable item…

Where did I go wrong here?

Why two places? to create different types with almost same name…

dazed and confused…

You’re right, that is confusing.

The second screen represent the default items built into the inventory system before we extend it to our needs. In point of fact (despite the fact that Rick and Sam do create a hat that does absolutely nothing to improve our stats), you probably never want to create the EquipableItem under the GameDevTVAssets menu strain. Players won’t be happy when they find a Fancy Hat and it does nothing.

In my own games, I remove the [CreateAssetMenu] tag from both EquipableItem and ActionItem (it never should have been on ActionItem, as just an ActionItem also can do literally nothing). That eliminates any confusion.

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