Nothing will work

I built and ran the game, but neither the Start or Quit buttons will work on my PC. I was stuck in the game, so I had to turn off my computer. How do i fix this?

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Hi Nathan,
I don’t know if you solved this problem or not, but I will still venture an explanation for anyone else’s benefit in the future.

You might be using the Unity 4.x version. In this version, as long as you run the game in windowed mode, every button will work, but if you play full screen, the button definitions (boundaries) tend to shift to the left (usually). That’s probably due to the relative position adjustment according to the canvas anchor. I had the same issue.

Apparently this issue doesn’t persist in Unity versions 5.x and higher.

Check this thread out for more details.

[Edit] Try changing the resolution of the game to the same as your computer, that might solve the issue.

Cheers & Good Luck,

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Thanks for the explanation, but yes, i had already solved it. Thanks anyway!


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