Nothing showing in the Game view

For some reason, the game objects aren’t appearing in the Game view, but they are in the Scene view. I’ve done the ‘Align with View’ thing. But the Game tab just shows gray.

Paste in your camera’s settings inspector for a start, and we’ll go from there.

Appreciate it.


And just so you can see what I mean about the Game view showing gray.

Couple things to note as I try to debug this myself.

  1. Just to see if the Game view works at all, I created a 3D Sample Scene URP and was able to see the object in the Game view great.
  2. I decided to start over in the Turn Based Strategy Course again just to see if the Game view ever worked and now I remember that it didn’t. Here’s the course (and lecture, I hope) Post Processing |
    At around 6:02 Hugo switches to the Game view and can see the objects fine. I don’t see anything.

The Unity editor version I’m using is 2022.1.1f1 (close to what Hugo is using).

It’s not aligned with the Scene View.
Select the Camera in the heirarchy, and then in the menu select GameObject | Align With Game View. If the camera is not selected, nothing will happen.

pretty sure I’ve done that many, many times already.

You’re not using Cinemachine (where the virtual camera would drive the main Camera) quite yet, so I’m honestly not sure WHAT is going on with that.

Try deleting the camera and creating a new camera in the scene (make sure to tag it MainCamera.

Sad to say, no that didn’t fix it.

Thinking maybe it is the Unity version. I’ve installed 2021.3.21f1 and now it seems to be working.

It’s quite possible. I don’t have 2022.1.1f1 on my massive list of installs. Seems to be working fine in 2022.2 versions.

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