Notes for a Tank game


Ok. since I love tanks and one of the number one reasons I love this course, I should definitely take some cool notes that are going to be implemented in my tank game this year ; because my first unreal engine game idea is about tanks and this is going to lunch me on, so let me share my notes before i dive in.

By the way I took a lot of great notes about tanks from this(our) community about tanks :blush:

  1. The tank track and suspension system, as its obvious, each tank got two tracks and each track got a lot of gear wheels and for each wheel we got a spring so the hole thing will pass through almost any surface, each track is also move independently.

  2. Tanks engines are more like cars and they usually got a low amount of horse power in comparison to cars and trucks but they got huge torque newer tanks go up to 90 km/h and of course downhill, uphill and environment will affect Its speed and acceleration.

  3. Tanks have a turret that moves 360 degree around and newer tanks can shoot while moving, if the driver turns the turret will turn with it but some new electric computer tech after 1990 will allow the turret to keep its position always on the target not caring about the location and rotation of the base of tank itself.

  4. Tanks are operated by usually 3 people.

  5. Tanks shoot rounds, we have rounds from 5.x mm for guns like M16 and 7.x mm for guns like AKA but when it comes to tanks they get from 37 mm rounds to 120 as far as i know and they are all none explosive, but some tanks are able to use explosive bullets or other kind of rounds, also almost all of them have machine guns and DSHK’s on them, these days tanks are also equipped with smoke and gass grenades so they can get out of sight behind the smoke grenades they lunch.

  6. Their armor is so thick and made of layers of different things like ceramics to cm’s of iron and armor and also some light spongy stuff to keep the sound and vibration, each country has specific layers of secret armor on their tanks.

  7. Tanks got week spots as well, Some their back is so vulnerable and almost all of them can be penetrated from underneath, their long gun can also be break if gets hit by other rounds; the amound of damage they take is depend on variety of things like the angle of hit and angle of the placed armor itself, tanks are most vulnerable when they face on foot ANTI-TANK and aircraft missiles

  8. Tanks can hide by using covers with the color of environment.

  9. Most of tanks are waterproof.

  10. They also have laser protection against slow incoming missiles, temper cams (for night vision), a computer to calculate the distance between the tank and target and calculating the drop of round and the recoil, radar, phone, radio, GPS, small lights for friendly zones, damage counter, scope (important for sure), some space for carrying goodies, in some cases extra roof plate for solders.

  11. Most tanks are made by 4 different parts, Rear is the engine, front is the cabin, middle is the bullets and all sort of storing things and the turret.

Usage of tanks has been dropped hugely since the war has been more airy and more missile and computery , so countries are focused on other destructive things more.

Thats it, thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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