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Hi Ben, I’ve just finished reviewing the “Multiplication and Number Blocks” video.

If you’re familiar with multiplication then the video isn’t too bad as a quick refresher, but if you’re completely fresh then I’m not sure the examples are laid out in the best way possible.

One key improvement to the first part would be to actually mark the number line with the integers. I know you say what each mark represents (a step of 2) but a clearer visual representation might be helpful for the more visual learners.

For the second part, I found the negative x negative example a little hard to follow. That is until you actually state that anything in the top-right or bottom-left of the graph always results in a positive number. It would certainly be easier to follow if that logic is shared before the example rather than after it.
I often like to relate this concept back to how we use the double negative in English. If I don’t know nothing, then I must know something! :slight_smile:

You’re totally right here. The issue is I have an invisible grid on my screen, teething issues, I’ll sort this. Thanks.

Totally agree, again thanks.

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