Not working for me

Not working for me :confused: But just with detectedPlayer is well can you help me ?

the alarm not ‘‘alarm’’ just nothing i dont know why !

Ok, so your blueprint looks correct. I can’t see anything obvious with this. I would add a few print strings so you can see what is being called and what isn’t. The only thing I can think of is it is failing to find the BP_Alarm - can you confirm this is placed in the level.

Yes when I do it like in the picture it works. I’m really lost :confused: and don’t dare try anything else at the risk of complicating the rest of the course

That work when i dont have the branch

Not work … i try change the greater or equal for greater but … nothing

Ok, Since I can’t see anything obvious, zip up the contents of your project folder and upload to here:

I will then take a look when I get the chance. This may take a few days.
EDIT: Let me know when uploaded and I’ll check I have everything I need.

When i want to upload that with this link he infinity download !? :confused: i cancel and retry but its same :frowning:

am try with onedrive now

This is the standard link we use for all students. A link to one drive is fine too.!AuItIXbLcnbJhMAywfMaeZThmFTj-A?e=FPM9Oo

am not sure but if you can seen with my guard i dont know if at this moment in this course the guard can see me when he is dead

I think you sent me the wrong link. This is destructable vehicles.

I had a quick look through and what you’ve got there is a bit of a mess. You have added the blueprint assets from the course into a C++ project using chaos and vehicles, and a bunch of other plugins. You should have started a new clean project. Also, about 1/2 of what is needed is missing from the third person character which is why it isn’t working as expected.

My suggestion to you is to create a new Third Person project that is a Blueprint project as shown in the second video of the course (called project setup) and then start from the beginning. You are missing so much that the project is just never going to work properly otherwise.

I know this may be frustrating but it is really important you get the early stuff correct.

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