Not Showing Rig Layers

Hello, if someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
In this lecture (link to lecture is below) Grant shows the rig layers on the menu sidebar. But when I open up my sidebar menu, none of the rig layers are showing. (Even when I select all the bones/rigs).
I have included screenshots.

Link to lecture:

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probably a version 3.x vs. 4.0 mix. Check the manuals …

I think I’ll be punching a little above my weight class by chiming in on this, but what I’ve found in Blender is, it’s quite easy to do things that cause problems further down the line; those problems are then really difficult to diagnose a root cause of later on because of everything else you do in the meantime, unaware that a problem even exists. As a preventative measure in future, it’s a good idea to start the habit of using incremental saves (just last night, that saved me at least an hour of reanimating!)

I have no idea what might have created this issue for you, but this course curriculum suggests you’re using Rigify, and there are a lot of posts online about this problem happening with Rigify rigs. This link will likely be the most complete solution, as OP links to a few other solutions in there that didn’t work in his particular case:

Hope that gets you a bit further ahead at least!

EDIT: This issue now has a more direct solution. Please see this topic instead:


I’m sorry I looked in the manuals, but nothing showed me why I can’t get the rig layers to show. Is there anything else that I can do?

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I activated the add-on, generated the rig, got an armature and I have a rig layers menu, which you are missing. I’m also on Blender 4.0.2.

  • did you check the rigify add-on documentation? and not Blender documentation.
  • Could this add-on conflict with other add-ons you are using?

Open an fresh new Blender file. FILE > Append your object (mech). Do the rigify and see if the menu apperas.

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