Not saving

When I edit the moving platform instance properties we made in the UI it all works, but they go back to 0 when I exit and come back into the program. It’s like something isn’t saving. what can I do?

See the lecture on live coding. This often happens and is sometimes related to the fact 8t hasn’t built correctly.

Usually exiting the editor, deleting binaries and the intermediate folder then relaunching the project will correct the problem so give that a try.

That worked, thanks! it seems like whenever I add new properties I have to do this. The old ones save but the new ones don’t until I clear the Binaries folder.

It’s usually any changes in the header file. It can be hit and miss. Sometimes you can just rebuild in your code editor with Unreal closed. Give that a try next time. Also disabling live coding often improves this (not eliminate it entirely)

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