Not resstoring weapon when entering portal

I am having this bug where the state of the fighter is restored property on load (the correct last weapon is equipped) but when I save and load through the portal, it always changes the state to unarmed when I enter the next scene. I don’t know where this bug could be occuring (my thinking it either the Fighter.cs or Portal.cs). Any assistance would be much appreciated!

        IEnumerator Transition()
            if (sceneToLoad < 0)
                Debug.LogError("Scene to load not set");
                yield break;

            Fader fader = FindObjectOfType<Fader>();
            SavingWrapper wrapper = FindObjectOfType<SavingWrapper>();
            PlayerController playerController = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player").GetComponent<PlayerController>();
            playerController.enabled = false;
            yield return fader.FadeOut(fadeOutTime);

            yield return SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync(sceneToLoad);
            PlayerController newPlayerController = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player").GetComponent<PlayerController>();
            newPlayerController.enabled = false;

            Portal otherPortal = GetOtherPortal();

            yield return new WaitForSeconds(fadeWaitTime);

            newPlayerController.enabled = true;

Ive attached my Transition function in Portal in case there was something I was missing that could be causing the issue.

This is the same post as this one

Are you getting any error messages in the console? Or a warning that DontDestroyOnLoad does not work on GameObjects that are not the root of the heirarchy?

Do the Players SaveableEntity in both scenes have an ID of “player”? If they don’t match, things won’t be restored properly.