Not Responding message when trying to add colour

I am using Blender 2.8 on Microsoft 10. Whenever I try to add colour to my structure, the Not Responding message pops up. This has never happened before, I am doing my Extrude task.

Thank you in advance!


I believe i replied to this in the Q&A and i advised to check the hardware requirements and if its not that to attempt reinstalling or contact blender support.
I can do my best to try to help with it but if its not a problem with something in the course then its a little beyond our knowledge to help.

Keep me posted on what you find :slight_smile:

also, possibly check to see what 2.8 build you are using as they are released pretty much daily at the moment. just in case a newer version could solve a minor bug or such. just something to try.

and double check, if its Nvidia, that the drivers are up to date. that has been quite tempramental in the past.

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